Hi there! I excitedly got a refurbished Linksys WRT54GS2 V1 router. I am fairly well experienced in software and got a little over confident with my router, and now have some how turned it into a pricy paper weight. I followed an internet guide to put VxWorksKiller-GS2V1.bin firmware from dd-wrt.com onto the router. The first step worked fine until it came to restarting the router. then it went terrible. The site(dd-wrt.com) for the firmware recommended that it may not restart on its own but once the router had given the installation complete page cycling the power would work fine. I did that and I totally lost the router. the router has a power light and lights up a connection when I plug the ethernet into the computer. However, my computer(running Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit) is not able to pull up the routers ip. I try opening an internet browser and going to and but nothing comes up. The reset button does nothing, and the wireless is totally disabled. Please help me find my router settings!!!!

Sounds like you may have bricked it.

When you plug in via ethernet, do you get a DHCP ip on your system? If yes, run a IPCONFIG /ALL from command prompt and you will see the DHCP server address. That would be the router ip to connect to.

If you get nothing, then you might be out of luck. IMHO

With an ethernet cable you have a connection ; right?? if yes, router is in working condition. Check the ipconfig/all from the command prompt and get a default gateway address i.e. Router IP address