These are certain tips that helps my friends to achieve success in their examination:
Prepare a revision time table and do your revision effectively
Do not keep the difficult topics to study later on
Do your routine work and at the same time keep time to study
Understand the subject thoroughly
Do not memorize answers without understanding
After getting general idea of a subject select important questions and prepare them thoroughly
Do not do byheart study instead of that understand what you are studying and make notes ie; note the points so that it helps you before leaving for exam
Discuss topics, after having revised them try to clarify your doubts with your classmates and teachers
Use diagrammatic representation where ever necessary. You may find this easier to remember
Improve your language of writing ie; bad language creates negative impression on the examiner
Practice to solve examples. Mere reading won't make any effect
Memorize important points and quote at appropriate places
Regular study is much easier than last minutes rush. This saying comes to effect here ie; 'slow and steady wins the race'
Take a 5 mints break after every 1hr study
Take a longer break after 3-4 hrs of study
Eat well
Sleep well ie; 8 hrs a day
Play games or get engaged with some work which keeps your mind feel relaxed
Prepare well at the time of revision
Revise previous years question papers so that it helps in setting your time while writing exams
Pray before leaving for exam
Take a bath so that it helps you to be fresh and keep your mind cool
On the day of examination, do not worry even if you feel that you remember nothing! Give it your best, you will be able to recall once the questions are in front of you
Answer all questions. Ensure that you plan your time well during the examination.


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