could anyone plaese tell me tips to get good ranking , as i am working on projects but its keyword ranking always get down within two or three days

The fluctuation of ranking means you have not build much backlinks that why same thing happen. Try forum posting , blog commenting and article article to improve ranking.

Start with building an identity on Facebook twitter, linkedin and google profile. Them move on to link building.. On that you can find a million articles online all with a bit more information and also keep building your website with new useful original data

And... Good luck



I think it´s not that easy to analyze... the strategy you want to follow depends on many factors.

what kind of web page (online-shop, blog, private page ...).
First of all, I would optimize the ON-page factors to then start with Off-page factors. ..

After the ON-page optimization you could start to attack the OFF-page factors ;)
which whould definitively also to create relevant backlinks from other webpages with a quite natural structure.
Therefore, you could start with social media and bookmarks but at the same time you should also start to get links from "normal" web pages or weblogs.

It might be easier for you to aquire some backlinks at a text link market place (like teliad or text link ads)...

Here is an interesting article on a SEO blog that might help you...



could anyone plaese tell me tips to get good ranking , as i am working on projects but its keyword ranking always get down within two or three days

I think that you are hard worker but not smart worker. First you will have to analyze competitor websites keywords after that you submit link with those websites.

you need to optimize your site and analyze your keywords. To improve ranking in proper way you will have to do on page and off page sequentially with quality back links. you can do it on your own or hire the services of professionals.

Target those keywords to its proper landing pages. In this way, you also help crawlers or bots to easily indexed your pages.

you can go for some keyword tracking software, who do tracking for you site.

i think that continue getting relevant do-follow link is effective

Focus on updating your websites with great content on a regular basis and this would help you get valuable backlinks to your website. Content is king is the rule when it comes to gaining high rankings on search engines. You need to take advantage of blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter, etc. All these are indispensable in helping to gain high ranking.

Build a quality backlinks keyword placed anchor text points to your site

To maintain your ranking create daily backlinks and try to get from high PR site

You need to check your competitors first to get position in Google and increase your efforts

complete the on page first than star off page with killer strategies

Updating your website with fresh content is highly important, also write and submit press releases with links to different pages in your website

No website can get a higher ranking untill it contains good and informational contents. I am totally satisfied with mauconline because contents play an important role for success of any website...

I think the best way to get rank high on any keyword is do all link building work with quality.There are lots of way to get backlinks.You should use articles,press releases,videos,blogs,web 2.0 sites.

You should pay attention to all the factors: on page optimization, linkbuilding, social media optimization, social media marketing...all of these disciplines are really important for every webmaster.

Keywords ranking depends on both on page and off page SEO factors, In on page SEO using of good keywords in title, H1 and alt tags really helps.. In off page SEO all link building techniques are vital important but I prefer to focus more on articles, forums and blogs for keyword ranking.

Try submitting qualiy articles, social bookmarking in high PR sites, do forum postings, submit question and answers. These will definietely help to increase the traffic.

Optimize your website with proper meta tags and proper keywords..Build a strong backlinks...

I think you should to spend more time for Forum and blog commenting because both are better for ranking. If you do it with relevant authority sites, you will get more and more benefit.

easy way to get an idea about getting backlinks is analysis your top competitors site.find their backlinks tactics, from where they are getting more backlinks,you can also follow the same way to get more traffic.

For better ranking try to get quality backlinks by submitting your site in high pr dofollow sites. These sites help in getting quality backlinks and improves ranking in search engine.

Content have a major part todays scenario for the purpose of ranking. write a good blog comment also generate the good ranking.


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