G'day all,

Its been a while since i've posted here - my question today is about getting the bandwidth (specifically when its accessing the internet) of a machine that is connected to my LAN. I know this can be easily achieved if I had client side software, however this isn't an option.

Also, the router that they are connected to doesn't have logging or SMP/Communities (like a Cisco router for instance) therefore I won't be able to get this information from the router.

Any insight on the theory of this would be fantastic, but practical knowledge would be great as well.

Thanks all,


Re: Get NIC bandwidth (WAN) remotely. 80 80

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Re: Get NIC bandwidth (WAN) remotely. 80 80

That's got nothing to do with my topic.

Re: Get NIC bandwidth (WAN) remotely. 80 80

Hi there,

You question is a bit ambiguous, but if what you mean is a way to monitor your internet bandwidth consumption while connecting to a LAN without installing a client side application, then I think you may use some of the internet based WAN bandwidth monitoring tools, such as www.speedtest.com or just visit this link for a list of Internet Speed Test Services: http://compnetworking.about.com/od/speedtests/tp/Internet-download-speed-tests.htm?r=et

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