I have a office space which currently is setup with one linksys wifi router. I am wanting to get a Wireless Signal Booster that would increase the signal strength on the outer offices (furthest away from the wifi router/modem)for internet and am wondering if anyone can reccomend a product. I remember seeing once a linksys booster device at a local staples but now do not see any such device and the linksys/cisco website does not seem to list any such device eaither. I have seen a netgear brand device but was lookng for another name brand since I am not a fan of Netgear

Any suggestions

Why not use more than one linksys router. You can spray them out in the ceiling of the office building, all linked to each other and to the main router going out.

so if I were to get 2 additional linksys wifi routers they would and connect them too each other via cat5 they would all work in unison?

Yes, you hook up from your main router from one of the LAN ports into the LAN port of the second router, and if you need a 3rd router, same. Just make sure that you assign different ip numbers to each.