We use KaiStation on our router to game with our xbox, and we have discovered a difficlt problem.
When trying to connect to our friend a few houses down we found we can't ping him at all, much less connect with him for games.
We have posted in other forums and got a possible dianosis.. but how do we fix it? Reply we got is posted below. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Is your network reachable? yes
Are you using a port-forward? no
Is your console being detected? yes
Brief description of your network setup: Linksys WRT54G wireless router, but PC and XBox are hardwired to the router.
Do you use a software firewall? I don't use a firewall.
Operating System? WindowsXP Pro MAC OSX 10.4.1
Problem description? I can connect to anyone else in the world for the most part buy not my buddy that live one KM away. (Same ISP) He is running windows XP SP 2, have tried every version of Kai that is out still always the same thing... Establishing link... I have the ability to run any version of Kai as I have 3 Macs, 2 PCs and 1 WRT54G linksys router. Please help.


Your sending the ping out the ISP's router when the destination is still internal.
Without knowing your ISP's network I can't offer much advice. They should not be trying to route an internal IP out there gateway. That's just dumb.
You do get real Public IP's correct? Yes
You can both join the same game that is hosted by someone else right? Yes

So- if the problem is a subnet mask issue- how do we get around it?

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Also wanted to add...
Our friend has the same setting configured on the exact same router as we have.
We can both see games,and join the same games, so long as someone else hosts.
Like I said using our network utility with OSX, we can't ping nor trace route him.
His IP address is 80.148.16.XX
Ours is 186.148.19.XXX


My guess is that your routers are not port forwarding properly. It is possible to program internet devices (firewalls) to ignore ping and trace requests. They are controlled by a different sort of packet type called ICMP packets, and you can discard them.

You may need to hardcode your router to accept the packets of the game, and forward them to the internal IP number of your game computer.

For example, if the game is playing on port 3000, you will need to tell your router to forward packets from port 3000 onto the address which is the game box. Your configuration is going to be unique, and you will need to research exactly what needs to be done.

Hope that you now understand what is going on.


Hi Christian,

FInally getting high enough up the tech tree at our local ISP, we found out that they block internal IP addresses for security reasons. They keep us from seeing any other IPs on the same subnet mask....
SO- now the question becomes... is there some way we can "fool" it, or get around it?

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