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In my network subnet, I have three remote locations that use different subnets then the main location. They are connected to the main location through cisco ASAs.

they are as follows: location 1 location 2 location 3 location 4

My main location, 1, hands out IP addresses in the range with some static assignments. It does not handle IP assignment for the other 3 locations... Atleast I do not see any configuration in the DHCP management console.

It was explained to me before however that my DC did handle DHCP assignment for the other 3 locations.. I don't find this possible with no obvious configuration in the management console..

I beleive that the ASAs are handling the DHCP for the 3 remote locations, and using the DC as the primary DNS for lookups...

I would like to change this and have the DC handle DHCP for the 3 remote locations - however I have never setup a multiple subnet DHCP server - does anyone have any good tutorials, or advice that they can offer in this situation?