I have 3 computers in this home where I currently live. One mac and one XP machine connect to the WiFi network just fine. The encryption is WPA2 Personal. This 3rd desktop always gets assigned the IP, subnet mask and all the other parameters are not there. Windows reports Limited or no connectivity. It's running XP Service pack 3, the WiFi card is D-Link Airplus G DWL-G510 revision C. When I boot into Ubuntu from a Live CD it connects to the network just fine, it gets an IP something like, a subnet mask and a DNS address, and I have internet access so I know it's not a hardware problem. I tried reinstalling the WiFi card but to no avail. I tried setting the parameters manually and then it doesn't say limited or no connectivity but there's still no internet access. Reinstalling windows is not an option and I don't know the username and password for the router. Has anybody got an idea how to fix this?

It's definately a Windows issue since Ubuntu works fine. Have you downloaded the latest drivers for the card onto a CD or a flash drive to install onto the computer? I would also double check you have the exact encryption settings as the router. TKIP, AES or TKIP/AES.

Yes, the drivers are the latest and the encryption settings are the same on all of the computers.

My last guess on this is that the router is blocking your MAC address, and maybe Linux changes it. Google MAC address spoofing software. There are simple applications that can do this for you.

Thanks for the help. I tried changing the MAC address but still nothing. I guess the card just doesn't support WPA2 under windows. Bummer.

Make sure the WiFi NIC is configured for DHCP, and nothing is hardcoded (DNS, WINS, etc.). The address range is used when a valid DHCP lease can't be updated or acquired.

...I guess the card just doesn't support WPA2 under windows. Bummer.

If you were able to specify the settings for WPA2 under Windows, then it supports it.

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