I recently configured dhcp role in server 2008. as it stands it seems i have 2 machines servicing dhcp requests. Since i have only one server in my environment i figured it must be the router. we are currently using a juniper network router. i am not a networking specialist so could someone assist on how to disable dhcp servicing in the router.

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Go to your router control panel and look for something like

Network Address
Server Settings (DHCP)

Go and disable it.

You may need to use a command line operation to disable DHCP on the Juniper network router. Some of the CISCO products also require usernames and passwords to get to an administrative level to make a change.

You will need to clobber one of the DHCP servers, otherwise the scopes could clash and cause problems.

As others have said, you need to reconfigure your router. Usually this is a web page, but you will likely need the admin user id and password to change anything on the router.

Just to add in case you are " really viewing " this thread. The router control panel is your router IP address. username and password is usually admin for both.

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