Hi, hoping someone can help me - this may be already answered in the zillions of posts but I don't know where to start..!!

I have a home network set up through a Belkin wireless router. Never had any problems until recently. All computers running XP SP2. Main PC has modem & router connected. All computers in the network can connect to internet and file/printer share. Except one!! A laptop I've got with built in wireless can access the internet absolutely fine but cannot view any other computer on the network and consequently cannot file/printer share. It used to be able to and I'm not exactly sure when that changed.

Have spoken to Belkin and they said not a problem with the router, they suggested it was an operating system issue but I have no idea of the settings.

In network connections the LAN shows as network cable unplugged but doesn't give me an opportunity to repair it etc.

I would be really grateful if someone could advise me on what's probably a very simple setting!! I'm not a novice user but networking is just not really my bag at all.

Thanks in advance!