when i try to install novell5.1 in Fujitsu Primergy Econel 200 i get the following error:

"the system doesn't have enough RAM to isntall netware.65mb of RAM are available to the server but 95MB of RAM are required. It is recommended that you exit the installation by pressing ALT+F10 on the next scree.[press any key to continue'"..."

if u ignore this error install resumes and halfway it hangs saying "loading drivers..please wait.."

but when i install novell4.2 there are no hassles; installation was smooth and it works fine; but i want novell 5.1 to be installed

what could the reason?

help appreciated

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You do not have enough RAM, just as the error message suggests.

Netware 5.1 introduced a number of new things to Novell servers that 4.1 did not have, such as the console feature, where you could do administration of the server in NDS right from the server itself (you cannot use a mouse, for example, on anything below Netware 5.0)

You need more memory. I would not try it with less than 128 MB. I am thinking that you are trying to set this up to test and learn, which is fine, and you can get away with low memory with a speed penalty.

If you are planning on this server being reliable in a production environment, you need to SERIOUSLY beef up the memory -- 512 MB -- to have things flow smoothly an be speedy, and keep things crunching along. I won't get into tape backups and other types of maint -- that is a different topic.


but i've got 256mb RAM in the system; what about it hang in the middle of installation! saying 'loading drivers..please wait' for indefinite time!

And do you see any message in the Logger Screen (hit ALT-ESCAPE to switch screens)?

but install is not complete and i don't get the novell5.1 run on the machine;
so which logger screen ?

I haven't used NetWare 5.1 for a long time, but I'm sure you're able to switch screens using ALT-ESCAPE, even during installation. I'll give it a try over the weekend.

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