I have 2 pcs running Win 7 and connected with a switch.
I also have another pc with XP (connected through a router to the switch mentioned).
File sharing used to work fine, until not long ago when i tried sharing another drive on the network (from a Win 7 pc) , but i couldn't access it from other pcs. This goes the same when trying to share a drive on the other Win 7 pc.
I tried reconfiguring the workgroup, homegroup and sharing settings for all drives and the result is the same: All shares that were configured before the problem started are working fine (even if i reconfigure them) and all new shares (drives, folders) do not work on either Win 7 pc.

However new shares on the XP pc does work.

Thanks in advance

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Did you remember to set both of the Win7 machines, to home network in the firewall?
They should at least be the same afaik. :)

The firewall is disabled on both

Solved it.
I needed to add "Everyone" in the security tab of the drive

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I'm experiencing the same problem between Windows 7 and Windows XP machine. will try your solution.

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