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Can we get some more details into this?

If you're using Windows XP, try this

  1. Make sure that nobody is on the phone, and that all phones are working properly, make sure that all phones are properly hung up
  2. Right Click on My Computer
  3. Choose Properties
  4. Click the Hardware Tab
  5. Click on Device Manager
  6. Click on Modems (12th choice under the username)
  7. All installed Modems will drop down from the list
  8. Select your Modem and right-click on it
  9. Choose Properties
  10. Check to see if the device is working properly (it will tell you in a dialog box labled Device Status)
  11. If modem is not operating properly
    1. Make sure that the modem is enabled
    2. Call your computer technician and see if you can get the modem replaced
  12. If modem is working properly
    1. Make sure that all cords are connected properly
    2. Reboot your computer
    3. If that does not work, contact your computer technician and see if you can get the modem replaced

If this isn't helping you, send me a PM with your OS info and I'll give you step by step instructions on how to check it.

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