I have developed a web application using PHP + MySQL on Apache 2.2.17 what should be the recommended server specification application if +10000 users access at same time.

I am looking for recommendation on these points

Server specifications:


• Server Type: Apache/2.0.52 (Red Hat)
• Apache 2.2.x
• PHP 5.3.x
• CGI support
• GD 2 (GD library)
• MySQL 5.x.x


• OS: Linux CentOS/RedHat
• CPU: ?
• RAM: ?
• Storage: ?
• Bandwidth: ?

Rahul Katarey

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I noticed that your thread hasn't had a reply in several days. It might be because we don't have enough info to answer your questions. It depends on what you are hosting? If it is a Blog or static data it will require far less than a site streaming video or audio to 10k. Do you have any existing bench marks for this site?

Hi Again,

Thanks zelkea, for reply, well I am developing a e-Commerce website which will also using API of a other applications i am caching images and other assets to my server (future) of that site.


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