Hey all,

I work at a small (~120 students/semester) study abroad program and I'm looking to revise my setup of a networked printer. As it stands, we have a very mixed environment (every version and SP of Windows from XP to 7 and Mac OS X 10.4 and up) and students that need to print powerpoints, docs, etc. Right now we have a Kyocera 2020D KX.

The main issues are as followed:

1) Driver delivery; it's not ideal to manually install (with the disc) the driver on each of the 120+ student laptops.
2) This likely falls under the driver settings, but it would be ideal if I could set the print profile to print on A4; all of these computers are American and, well, US Letter is not an available paper size in Europe.
3) As of now, the printer chokes on some files; even printing messages off of Gmail, for example, can cause a long (~2min/page) processing time for the printer.

If anyone has any ideas in terms of streamlining the process, please let me know.

Many thanks,

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You can try printing it in fast draft. Never heard of the printer you use. I would recommend Hp printer, they are good and convenient to use for me. Maybe you might want to change the printer settings

you say the printer is networked, in my experience is is better to have a dedicated network printer server... ie one computer exclusively as a printer server and thus you can set it for serving as appropriate.

that's right you need a printer server,,,

if you could follow benmar and mjdodd. Having a printer server is easy, fast and convenient to use

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