I want to make a network with:

Internet (Cable) -> Linux Rackmount -> Network

The Linux machine works A-OK now and shares the web, mail and ftp to everyone else on the network. It has a firewall etc... and is fine. I have configured remote webmin, Kerberos, NFS , WS-FTP and Apache for my network. All woked fine until one day I had a fight with my cousin then left him alone with the server as root. he managed to change the password and then "forgot !!!" it and now I cant get on.

How can I reset the root password on the server. Its got no screen or keyboard but boots and i can use webmin to it I just cant log in!

Will I need to reinstall it all or can I reset the password? My m8 told me this is possible with the recovery CD.

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We have a belkin wireless router. Two laptops and a desktop use the wireless router to connect to the network, the other 9 computers are wired. I cannot ping the wireless router anymore, the wireless computers cannot connect to the network anymore, but they can connect to each other. What's weird is when I disconnect the router the wireless computers pop up a message about being disconnected from the network.

Connected the router directly to our server and the server didn't see it.

Try to find a fix on the internet all the things they suggested haven't worked


i have to know about the system configuration specification in
major project report.

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Get a screen and keyboard and boot into singleuser mode from the bootloaders - you can google that for instructions.

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