Hey Everyone,
There is a very small remote office with 2 computers that share an ISDN line, but when salesman come in to the office (they do this from time to time) they would like to access the internet wirelessly.

Now the current config of the ISDN modem LAN modem is like this:

Name: LANmodem
IP Address:
Subnet Mask:

Local Domain Name:
Enable DHCP Server: Is check marked.
NetBIOS filtering: Always Block

---I hope this is enough info.

Now in order to allow the sales people access to the internet wirelessly, we purchased a NETGEAR Prosafe Wireless Access Point (802.11g), Model WG302.

Question is: What do I do now in order to hook this up? Configuration changes to the access point?

Everyone there has access to e-mail through Outlook and they are accessing through way of SMTP to the Exchange Server.

If there is anymore info you may need, please ask, for as you can tell I am new to this.

Thank you. :mrgreen:

Although I am not familiar with this particular piece of equipment, there should be some software with it that will walk you through the process and it should almost run by itself. It´s always best to try it first yourself so that you are familiar with the inner workings of your geat. It will come in handy later. Read everything that the supporting documents have to say, you´ll be glad you did.

I would just get it working first and then go into the security features after a little testing. Don´t worry, if you have problems there will someone watching the thread that can help you.

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