Hi, I have a rather strange problem that has plagued my internet usage for quite some time now. It seems that programs installed or updated after a certain date (which I can't identify exactly) fail to recognize my internet connection. Old programs, however, work just fine. Every time I download a new browser, file-sharing program, Instant Messenger program, or media player, it is unable to connect to the internet. I had this problem with dialup, and when I switched to DSL the problem remained. Please help.


Hi rockstar_cs_32,

First of all- wlecome to the site. :)

Can you give us more specific information please?

- Which exact version of Windows are you using?

- Are you using any firewall or other "Internet security"-type software?

- What steps have you already taken to try to fix the problem?

- What exact errors do you get from the different programs that have the conneciton problems?

Thanks for the introduction. I fixed the problem already. It turns out a Norton Firewall was running without declaring itself, and it only let trusted programs access the internet. Anyway, thank you for your concern.

Yeah, both Norton's and McAfee's firewalls have a tendancy to get a mind of their own sometimes. They should ask you what to do when they come across a non-trusted or unknown applicaition's request for network access, but it just doesn't always work that way... :(