i am facing a problem about sharing. in our network many pc,s are connected with each other but their is some problem in few PCs.
on the same switch one pc ip is (a) and second pc ip is (b) they both are ping each other. when i access "a" to "b" access is done but one small window appear and ask me to enter the id and password of administrator "b". some time it done successfully but more time it never give access and put id and password correct.
so plz give me suggestion how to solve this problem.
basically i want to when i access "a" to "b" at that time no window show and direct connect with "b"

Are these computers a part of a domain or a workgroup?

Im not sure if this will help you in your problem. I can't understand the problem.

Goto Control panel -> Administrative Tools.

Double click on Local security Policy. this will pop up Local security setting windows.
Find/open folder 'Local Policies' and then select sub folder 'Security option'
On column Policy find word 'Accounts : Guest Account Status'

Check out this setting....
If setting is 'Enabled' then you can connect to this computer without prompt for password.
If setting is 'Disable' then this computer need you to enter valid account or password to access this computer.

Note : apply this setting on computer you want to connect to that give you prompt for password.
I hope this will help.

This problem is very common. Are all the computer setting the same? What operating system are you using? How long has this problem persist?

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