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You mean you have 2 modem and 2 router and you want to join both the network together. Is that what you mean?


one network with one internet connection and other with another internet connection , in short two modem and two router....


You can create a private network so other people can enter your network. I have never heard of two network join together but one network only. Is both of your network in the same place. You are trying to say both network combine together into 1 ultra big network. There i don't think is possible

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Network aren't far away, but we have bandwidth problem in our city only 2 MB DSL is available here and we require 4 MB , so we have taken two internet facility to balance the network. Now the problem is network 1 want to see the network 2 data... And that imposible because both adsl router route data at and if i combine them so how can i configure them....


Hello ,
The answer to this is Multi-WAN Router. you need to get this installed in the network and it will help you in many ways: like High bandwidth , best connectivity, file sharing etc.
Cheers Mate!!
If you want I can recommend you names of the different companies providing this router technology.

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