Hi all

What I would like to do is be able to answer the phone from my computer with the head set that is conected to my sound card. I have searched the net but all I can find is diagrams for self build interfaces. Is what I want possible with the set up I have? Is it possible at all?

OS: XP pro
Mobo: Gigabyte 7NNXP
Cpu: AMD Athlon 3200
Sound: Creative Audigy2 platinum ex
Modem: Sitecom Advanced pci 56k v92 full duplex,vioce fax data with speaker phone.( this one for phone only)
I connect to the internet through a broad band modem.

At the moment I have two head sets which I have to swap depending on what I am using. There is a mic jack and a speaker jack on the modem. I have connected the speaker jack to my sound card so I get sound out of the speakers, that works fine. What I cant figure out is how to get the mic that is pluged into the sound card to the modem so that I can switch between the modem and the sound card without unpluging any thing.

The other thought I had was is it possible to do it with software, after all the computer is also my answer phone, recording and sending sound through the phone line anyway. (Now I am getting into realms of the unknown for me. )I have searched for programs but the only thing I can find is internet phone programs.

Any help or pointers would be greatfuly appreciated.

PS. I posted a thread earlier but it came up as I was not logged in. I have looked and cant find it so if this is a repeat I appologise it was not intentional

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Hi Tank,

I don't know if what you describe is possible where you live, but I am aware that it isn't possible to do what you describe where I live. (Australia)

We're quite high-tech here, but the ability to use your PC for voice calls over the existing telephone network is still only vague murmurings, not reality.

Thanks for the info Catweazle. As I live in the UK it probably is not possible here as we seem to be lagging behind every where else. I'll just have to keep swaping head sets for now.

Tank, do you mean by answering the phone is by using the phone dialer incorporated with windows? if yes, then I think I've probably tried that already before. what i did was make a very short wire with jacks that fit the mic-in of the sound card and the speaker-out of the modem. It worked for me before but i found no sense in doing it since it would still be more convenient if i used the telephone apparatus. But if that's what your trying to do, you can give it a try...

- connect your headset's microphone to the modem.
- your modem's speaker-out to the sound card's mic-in.
- your headset's speaker to the sound card's speaker-out.

just give us a feedback here if this works.. :)

Thanks for the reply oalee.

What I am trying to avoid is having to keep changing the mic plug or head set, as I spend a lot of time talking on Team Speak, it would be nice if I could just click the phone utility I'm using to answer the phone and have it connect to my sound card and thus my head set. As my phone utility already uses my sound card when either answering the phone or recording the callers message and has hands free and speaker phone options, I did not think this would be too much of a problem. How wrong could I be.

you are most welcome, give us a ringback on what you did and what happened. I don't just try to help those in need, I also want to learn more from others mistakes and accomplishments.. :)

I'm still having no luck with this, however I have found out that there one or two software firms looking into bringing out dialers with this feature, so I will have to wait till then.

Thanks to all on this forum for all the info it is proving most informative.

Have you found anything? I'm interested too.

Hi all

No still no luck Kirkor I'm still looking if anyone else finds anything let us know

hi how to record a sound from the modum mic

This is a very interesting topic. I wrote a program to do specifically what you are trying to do, however that was a few years ago. And now that you mention about using
the computer sound card and headset with mic linked to the modem, I realize how important this is. I cannot find the original program that I wrote, so I am now re-writing the program with built in dialer and recording capabilities. Once finished, which should not take too long, I will post it on my website Free of any charge and fully functional. And yes, it is 100% possible to do this.
My website is http://www.stageonestudio.webs.com

Email: stageonestudio@hotmail.com

Andy William

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