Below is my home n/w status.

I have a modem which connects to a wifi router
1 laptop, 1 mac pro, 1 i-phone and a pc all which connects to this wifi router.

I have 2 external hdd & a printer which I want to connect to the n/w. I found that I need a nas adapter.

I did google and found a few device, which supports bit torrent download or pogo plug that connects them to internet, and so on. A few products I found are as follows.

http://www.addonics.com/products/nas/nasu2.asp - only one device at a time (Doesn't work for me!)

Can someone please give me some suggestions on what to look for, and which brands are good?


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Would somethin like this work for you better then you wouldn't need wires or any of that hassle? USB ADAPTER

If that way just won't work for you this one was suggested in an similar request. It supports 3 USB 2.0 devices and seems to support your bit torrents and such as well as anything else I assume you might be using it for. NAS ADAPTER

Thanks for the reply.

I already have a linksys usb adapter with which I connect the pc to the router, not as good as the one you linked above, but at just $7 in new eggs site.

that nas adapter does suit my needs but then is a bit expensive.
So, I think I am looking for the right device. I'll post the device specs i'll purchase once I decide.
This one as of now seems to fit my budget and requirements very well, not sure of the quality

Yeah it definatly seems to not have many reviews to be seen. As you stated though it's fairly cheap and also fits your needs. It does seem to have a warranty associated with it which is good. Not sure if you have gone through newegg before, but just as a heads up be sure to keep everything including the box and review their policies well incase you want to request a refund. I'll try to do a little more pokin around and see if there is any other good deals for what you are looking at. I believe you have 30 days to request a full refund to so that should give you enough time if all goes well to give it a good test run and if you don't like it you can send it back.

Yeah apperently sounds a little slow :). Still trying to find some better specs and reviews on these guys to but the company sure seems reputable and apperently you could go pick one up for about $60 bucks at walmart. Nas Adapter

So far it seems insane to me that they would still be using usb 2.0 what gives with that. Anyway might be another possible intrest for ya.

usb 2.0 is indeed very slow compared to 3.0 but all my devices other than the macbook pro don't support usb 3.0, so that's why I don't want to spend much money on nas adapters which support only 2.0. I am going to settle with this for a while and will upgrade all my devices later.

Indeed seems proper. Seems this is somewhat of a new trend but catching on fast. If I ever have enough money to get suited up like you are presently I may have to go that route myself.

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