hey folks! who has a home theater / media center at home? what kind of hardware do you have? is it PC driven? post specs, details and pics here. I'll be sharing mine soon...

i have an lg home theatre 7.1 , it has 350 watts rms, the sound was ok until 2 mounths ago when i started hearng some strange noise in the subwoofer:((. i have this system for almost 2 years

the sub-w could be making this strange noise because:
1) you leave it on when the amp/receiver is powered off
2) there is some kind of electro-magnetic field near it causing it to hum

try moving it or whatever is around it (halogen lamp, other wires, etc.)

Currently I have my PS3, my PC, and my router. Not much of a home network, but I'm hoping to expand to two PC's come XMas, figure a way to wire my 42" LCD TV to my computers, pick up another monitor for my new computer desk and a KVM switch to use dual monitors.

I'd like to get a third PC as well, and set up a web server, but that'll be for another day and several books later.

sounding nice @kes166...

Mine is a 1080p projector hooked up to a Media Center (Win 7) PC, SA 4250HD cable box, Xbox 360 and 5.1 through a Pioneer SC-25 A/V receiver

I Got TWO Combined Into One Sorta?

One Side Of Basement:
52" Plasma LCD
2 300W Speaker Cabs
- In Closet
500W Amp w/ CD Changer, Tuner, EQ
HDMI - HD DVR Cable Box
HDMI - HD DVD PLayer w/ Upscaling (No BluRay =/)

Above WorkBench On Opposite Side Of Basement\
25" Plasma Hung On Wall
- Next To WorkBench
WorkBench Computer (2.2GHz AMD Dual Core, 4GB)
Hooked Up To Power Regulators.
Custom Application On PC Allows For Controllable Testing Voltages
Computer Is Also Wired To AMP On other side of Basement, And 52" TV

The cheapest and most surprising sound you get by using a Logitech Z5500 5.1 speaker set, together with anything you want, it has analog and digital inputs. Don't know who would need more than that power...

@Adrian, i have to agree. I have a Z-5500 set and i think it is one of their best ever.

I have a Intex 5.1 channel 4500 watts sub woofers. it's sounds awesome. i have it from last 1 years but now last 1 months it appears some crazy sounds from it. It's bass have got problem i thought that.

i have an powered woofer and when i turn off my Pioneer SC-25 AV receiver the woofer hums. is this normal?

Well I made my own HTPC... and yes based on windows 7. at this point everything works fine except 1 thing which I will make another thread for.

But my specs are:
Thermaltake DH101 case
asus HTPC mainboard
AMD athlon X2 cpu
4gb hyperx memory DDR2
Asus EH5570 graphicscard
Creative labs X-Fi Titanium audio card with digital in and out
160gb harddrive for software, 250gb for music an 1tb for movies.


That looks like a sweet rig Odie :)

Thanx, I just got Arcsofts TotalMedia® Theatre 5. It has 3d support. now to save up for a 3d tv

He was dreaming about already at start of 2010 as far I know :)

I have a media center PC I put together around September of 2009. Still going strong.

I used
ECS Black Series A785GM-M AM3 AMD 785G HDMI Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
AMD Phenom II X4 945 Deneb 3.0GHz
Plextor PX-B320SA Blu Ray Player - DVD and CD Burner
Western Digital Caviar Green WD15EADS 1.5TB
Antec EarthWatts Green EA-380D Green 380W
A-DATA Gaming Series 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM
GIGABYTE GN-WP01GS PCI Wireless Adapter
Thermaltake Black SECC Japanese steel LANBOX
Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
I believe the capture card is:
Diamond TV Wonder HD 650 Combo PCI Express Tuner Card

It's an older card from a previous build, but still works fine with current comcast signals.

The whole system works great and we've been using it about a year and a half. We use windows Media Center to capture shows we want to watch from cable and watch NetFlix streaming movies. We also sometimes switch over to Hulu.com to watch a show.

We still have a cable-box and can switch over to that with TV remote to watch something out of the range of the old capture card.

I have Samsung HT-C6930W 3D Blu-ray 7.1ch, 'm happy with it so far but when you download HD stuff to your usb - you cant really use the system. You have to use usb port on your TV.

I have one but i don't know what is it call. The name had already faded. I think is Samsung. Recent;y, i just change the projector, and the sound system. The rest still remain the same.

Hey...i have a system that is enable with progressive-scan DVD player in other word you can say Blu-ray player..........


Bose is the way to go for speakers. They provide excellent sound.

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