Hi, I have had Call of Duty Modern Warfare for a while. About 6 months ago, I updated the game to version 1.7 and when I go to the multiplayer, I click refresh and no servers come up. I have looked at infinite other threads at different websites and none of them helped. I have punkbuster installed, my firewall is allowing the game to the internet, and my virus protection isnt doing anything. Any solutions?

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Hi thecoolman, nice to see you again. You have the same problem as me. I did the same thing as you when i update it, i cannot get any new list from the main server when playing games. I check to see whether the OS was compatible with the new version it works fine. Have you try reinstalling it?

Yes, I have tried the multiplayer before the update.

Reintsall the game and see whether that helps. If not use other version and see whether can you play multiplayer. If other older or newer version works fine, the version 1.7 is having issue. I have not play call of duty for a few weeks already.

I'll try and reinstall it. Some people say that the update 1.7.1 fixes the problem too.

There is Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and 3 but they require you to pay more money. Not sure whether you want that, so did the update 1.7.1 fix the server connection issue? Have you try it on other laptops to see whether they can play multiplayer. If other laptop that has version 1.7 is also having the problem, that means the game is having a bug problem. Hopefully the new update will solved it.

Hope to hear a reply soon?

I have found update 1.7.1 in a .bmt file which I can't open. Updates normally come as executibles.

Have you search the internet for exe update file. If not maybe you can try to use a software and convert the bmt file into an exe one. I will search the net for an exe update file. Will get back to you as soon as possible.

Oh, you actually found a site that scams you for a fake link. I come across those all the time. I'll try and convert the .bmt to a .exe

Oh i see. How do you know that site is a scam. The link? or the file update?

Well, I clicked on a link and it asked for my email and my credit card number. I sometimes search online if some websites are scams and that one is a scam.

I see. Thanks for pointing that out, thecoolman. So did you try softwares to convert the bmt files to exe. Does your friend play the same game as you and do they have the 1.7.1 update. If yes you can ask from them.

Have not play modern warfare for some time, think my skills have regress and get more noob. Sigh:-/
See you tomorrow. Hope all goes well. Cheers;)

I am logging on to my computer right now.

Just know that I still have to download the file.

i just found out that the version 1.7.1 is only for mac. and my disc of the game is broken. Ill try and downgrade the version to 1.6

ok, i found a 1.6 reverse patch. and now there is a ton of servers. Thanks for the help

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