Recently, i was looking at hosting the trial version of halo using the halo dedicated server program.

I went to portforward.com and used the instructions to try and create a static Ip address however, although im sure i used all the correct addresses, it simply did not work.

Could somebody please reply with a simple step by step guide to creating a static Ip.


You don't create a static IP, you either have a dedicated public ip address that never applychanges from your ISP or you have a dynamically assigned one from your ISP.

Apply the public external static ip address issued by your ISP to the external or WAN interface on your router. Forward the necessary protocol and port pair to the internal private network address of the server (so anyone connecting to your external static ip through the internet using TCP/IP on port blah will get passed to your server to deal with.) Allow requests for that protocol and port in your firewall.

yes i think you should get back yo ISP which are in your case the dedicated Hosting Server you have.

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