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I have a Dell desktop computer running XP Pro, with no wireless card, and I connected a Linksys Wireless-N home router to this computer via ethernet cord.
After some grief with limited or no connectivity, I manually entered the IP address, gateway, and preferred DNS server. The taskbar notification balloons tell me that I'm connected and the signal strength is very good, but when I open the Internet or Firefox, the page cannot be displayed.
I've made sure "work offline" isn't checked, and I've tried disabling the firewall. I've cleared cookies, temp files, history, etc. to no avail.I've reset and disconnected the router, checked cables, and still no luck.
I then opened up the dos prompt and tried pinging the router. I got the response that the request timed out, and 0 of 4 packets were received (100% loss). I tried pinging yahoo.com and google.com, and was told that the host could not be found.
The laptop I'm currently using works fine and it's part of the same network. I'm out of ideas - any suggestions would be great.


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Check your internet connection first,click on, in network notification aria, and check connected to "Network name", Internet access/no internet access"

Use another laptop and access the internet via the ethernet cable. This is to make sure the problem is not with your network but your laptop. Have you try reseting your router. At the back of it there is a reset button. Take a pen and hold down the button for 5 seconds.

1) I need more specific information.
2) How near are you to the modem and router when you find out you cannot access the internet?
3) Reset the modem and router and tell us what happen.
4) Make sure no security softwares are blocking the conenction, some anti virus have a built in feature that allow you to block internet access and internet connection. Made sure all these are turn off and disable your firewall again.
5) Does this problem happen all the time or only some time. And when it happen some time can you take note the day and time it happen. Sometimes when it is during the weekend many people are accessing the internet webpages and the internet may be a bit slow thus causing this problem.
6) You said that you tried
tried pinging yahoo.com and google.com, and was told that the host could not be found.
what do you mean by that. Do you mean webpage could not be found or error 404 or others.

Lastly i want you to answer my questions in a format like this. Name the number and post your answers to each question ( In Order )

1) Blah blah blah
2) Very near to the modem

Something like that. Try to reply as soon as possible. Good luck. i will try my best to help you.

I tried pinging the router and got responce timed out. This message holds the key to your problem, the ping was sent to the router the router we can assume most likely recieved it unless there is something wrong with the hardware, but it never sent the message back. Either your addressing is incorrect thus you are not part of the network, or a setting in the router maybe incorrect. Do the things jingda requested, most likely your firewall is blocking the connection.

Have you follow our suggestions, we need to hear a reply from you soon to be able to help you out. Good luck.

internet connection is required to view web pages online, router is only for sharing connection among other ppls, try this ping if it works then there is no problem in your computer then you have to check your router. in which aria you r trying to connect to internet?

Seem like your problem is solved. How did you solve it, tell us will you?

First check weather you internet connection is working or not..

And still u face same problem go for updating browser... if ur pc has virus reomve it

Hi maninaction. The problem is solved but thanks anyway for your suggestions.

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