Hi guys,

I can't get my HP laptop (running Windows 7) to connect at home through my router. It will connect through my neighbor's unsecured network, and my Roku accesses my wireless network, but I can't get the PC to work, although it works fine at other locations. I have a Linksys WRT300N router, and a Linksys Rangefire Wireless Network USB Adapter, model #WUSB 100, ver. 2. The wireless network shows up strong, all five bars, when I try to "Connect to a Network". However, it doesn't connect, even though it says it's connected in the "Currently connect to:" box. I have unplugged the router several times, but that has had no effect.

It may be because I changed settings when I got my Roku. Currently, my network mode is BG-Mixed, Standard Channel 11. The security mode is WPA2 Personal, Encryption AES. Any ideas? Am I in the correct forum for this question?

Thanks for any help!


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First you are in the wrong forum.

1) Turn off your firewall
2) Reet your router. Go to the back of the router and hold down the reset button for 5 seconds.
3) Downloaad the latest drivers for your wireless adapters.
4) Can other laptops connect to your network?
5) Go and check your network settings?

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