Hi every one
I have a Toshiba TE2000 laptop that refuses to connect to the Internet for more than a few minutes (if that). I have tried several different wireless cards with the same result. The system says it is connected to my wireless network with good signal but I cant get online or access my network. Using an Ethernet cable it works perfectly.

The strange thing is that a friend with a similar Toshiba laptop has exactly the same problem. All our other computers connect with no problems.

Does anyone know of any problems with this model laptop and wireless connection?

I would really appreciate some help, as a laptop with no wireless is useless.


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try to check your firewall settings...or try download latest driver for your WAN connection..


Thanks for the reply and sorry I took so long to get back.

I have installed and uninstalled two different wireless cards and both only work for a few minutes then won't open a web page despite saying they are connected to my network

What would I look for in the firewall settings to fix this issue?
Thanks again.

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