Hi every one
I have a Toshiba TE2000 laptop that refuses to connect to the Internet for more than a few minutes (if that). I have tried several different wireless cards with the same result. The system says it is connected to my wireless network with good signal but I cant get online or access my network. Using an Ethernet cable it works perfectly.

The strange thing is that a friend with a similar Toshiba laptop has exactly the same problem. All our other computers connect with no problems.

Does anyone know of any problems with this model laptop and wireless connection?

I would really appreciate some help, as a laptop with no wireless is useless.


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try to check your firewall settings...or try download latest driver for your WAN connection..

Reinstall You wireless card Driver and Ethernet Driver. Then try to Access Internet.

Thanks for the reply and sorry I took so long to get back.

I have installed and uninstalled two different wireless cards and both only work for a few minutes then won't open a web page despite saying they are connected to my network

What would I look for in the firewall settings to fix this issue?
Thanks again.

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