Hi all,
I am trying to connect two laptops both having Windows 7 Ultimate. But it gives the error code as 0x80070035 stating that "network path not found". What is that problem? How to solve it?

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Are you attempting file sharing?Configure the firewall settings if that does not work turn off your firewall. But that may harm your laptops as virus get easily infect your laptop without firewall permisson. Try not to use file sharing between laptops often.

Check your antivirus once,because some antivirus will have inbuilt firewall setting.

If found stop that and try to connect.

First you have to check your IP settings, make sure they are on the same network, ie: and the other they have to be different, then try to ping both hosts to check if there´s eply if there´s no reply then ping localhost and to check if your network card is working correctly.

If you have success on these tasks then check the firewall config to see if it is configured to receive connections on the lan and if it ca receive ICMP packets on the network, also you try to connect the shares by typing the computer name on the address bar preceded by the back slash, ie: \\oldcomputer or \\newcomputer.

Keep in mind that file sharing across your network wont harm any computer, thats why network computers exists.

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