Hello, I'm Catrina a seventeen year old unfamiliar with router-modem-internet-connection-networking but also the only one in her household who can at least communicate with communities such as these for aid. I need help with the hardwares necessary to have the whole house online and connected. We have three laptops, two capable of wireless internet and the other one with busted PC card slots (so it has to be wired to modem) and a desktop computer. We currently have a Linksys router but if in use, only allows the two wireless-Internet-capable laptops to be online. The house has three storeys, with all three laptops on the second floor and the desktop in the third.

Is it possible for the whole house to be online and connected (but not necessarily all at the same time)? (I know distance between routers is an important factor so with that in mind as well....)

Thank you and please email me if you are able to guide me through this properly. (Private message me or something for my email address.)

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You could use an USB-Wireless Adapter for the two remaining computers. You could also connect them by a cat.5 ethernet cable with the router. WLAN would probably be the simplest thing.


Howdy Cat. I would prefer it if we could solve your problem in the open forum rather than through private communication. This way others can benefit from the discussion generated!

First of all, how is your network configured? You say the wireless-capable laptops are connected - is the desktop linked to the router via cable? What network settings are you using for each PC?

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