Firstly i would like to say that i couldnt find a proper section to place this query, so any senior members who can direct it to its proper section plzzz do it!!
Well my final year project is about 'monitoring the various processes and
devices on the client m/cs(on a LAN), and sending their details back to the server for analysis.' All this for Windows NT network(clients running XP). The clients will be having some kind of device driver running on them, which
will perform the job of recording the status/details of various running processes
and devices.
What i want to know is how to send the recorded status details back to the sever so
that the server sided program may use this data.Do i need to use WinSock for this??
The sever sided program will be written in Visual C++...Plzzz help me on this!!

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hello have you any info or the list of projects i am also searching now adayz plz send it to me if you have any

mail id is . thanks

If u got list of projects can u plz give it 2 me i m also searching it.

hello friend..
I'm also doing my final yr project on network monitoring system.....
kindly send me the details and features of u'r project..

send details at

You might be able to simply output a text file in a format that the server can understand and either host it as some kind of shared resource or send it to the server.

Perhaps having a shared folder on the server and the individual systems save a configxxxx.txt file to it, updating at 00-05-10-15-20, ect,... after the hour and the server processes the config files at 01,06,11,16,21, ect,...

Not the most graceful scenerio, but I'm a pretty crappy programmer. It's not my specialty.

i am looking for some projects related to networks. please please please if any person have some kind of list of final year projects , then please please mail it to me at

please do it urgent. thanx

i am looking for a project in networking which is feasible and can last over 7-8 months
can anyone suggest some projects.

plz reply ASAP

hi! i'am looking for title in my senior software project, an online . please help me..tnx

I am looking for final year project in field of network security....kindly suggest me some good topics under it...........please

hello..i am looking for projects based on wireless applications.please help me out with this.thankyou.

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