What are the distances/ranges of Co-axial,twisted pair,fiber optics cables without a repeater?
please number these from best cable to worst.(by speed and bandwidth)
what are the bandwidths too?

are wireless(unguided) media unlimited in range?such as microwaves ,wifi


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most of us here[ i think anyway,me fur sure] will not know all those answers off the top of our heads ,so we would have to use google to find the answers for you .

I know Cat-5e is around 100m. You can go a little more but anything past that and you lose connectivity. I ran a Cat-5e around 375 feet for a VOIP phone. You could get the call to connect but the call would drop after about eight seconds.

Wireless standards and speeds

802.11a 54 Mbps 150 feet
802.11b 11 Mbps 300 feet
802.11g 54 Mbps 300 feet
802.11n 100 Mbps 300+ feet

Categories of Unshielded Twisted Pair

1 - 1 Mbps - Voice Only (Telephone Wire)
2 - 4 Mbps - LocalTalk & Telephone (Rarely used)
3 - 16 Mbps - 10BaseT Ethernet
4 - 20 Mbps - Token Ring (Rarely used)
5 - 100 Mbps (2 pair) - 100BaseT Ethernet
1000 Mbps (4 pair) - Gigabit Ethernet
5e - 1,000 Mbps - Gigabit Ethernet
6 - 10,000 Mbps - Gigabit Ethernet

Ranges :

10BASE2 - 185m
10BASE5 - 500m
10BASE-36 - 3,600m

Twisted Pair
10BASET - 100m
100BaseT - 100m
100BaseTX - 100m
100BaseT4 - 100m

Fiber Optics
10BaseF - 2000 m
100BaseFX - 2000 m

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