So, I was on my gaming computer yesterday, I was using some applications like Steam, xfire, Counter-strike etc.. If any of you are familiar with steam you'll know there is an in-game community page where you can see your groups/friends and other info about your personal steam profile by press alt+tab. Well anyway, I was in game and needed to view that page, I tried opening it and it was loading really slow, until is gave me "This program cannot display the webpage".

Here is a screenshot of the exact message it gave me.


Later I found out that absolutely ALL programs besides my interenet browsers, (Opera, firefox, IE) Appeared to be blocked from displaying web paged pages.

For example, steam won't load my community page inside the client, Veoh (steaming video app) won't load any videos, xfire doesn't load the banner ads at the top.

BUT remember I can still access the internet with these apps, Just none of them will render what appears to be web based code like

HTML, PHP WITHIN the client, I can still use web browsers fine.

Things I've tried....

disabling my firewall & checking if the programs were allowed
disabling my anti-virus
Restarting my router
repairing my internet connection.

Any advice? I am so perplexed at why this is happening.

so let me get this straight.

browsers all work ok

other applications do not.

you say that you have been playing online games and the other bits do not work such as community?
*do the games play online?
*are they browser based?
*have you found any other info that might help diagnose this?

you are running through a router, how is your NAT set up?

have you always had this issue or is it new?