Hi everyone :cheesy:

I made this new thread because i need some serious help about NETWORKING...

*WinXP Home Edition v2002 SP2
*AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+
*797 Mhz, 512 RAM

Network Adapters:
*1394 Net Adapter
*Broadcom 802.11b/g WLAN
*Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC

*WinMe 4.90.3000
*AMD Athlon(tm) Processor
*128,0 MB RAM

Network Adapters:
*Accton EN1207D Series PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter
*Phone access network adapter
*Network Adapter NDIS 1398
*Internet Share Connection
*Microsoft TV/Video Connection
*Other devices: PCI Card (device controller not installed)

1.- I have been working on my 2pc's lately and i was trying to find an easy way to MIGRATE files from 1 to the other... reading in some forums i found out the best way to do so and it was thru a "Small Home Network", so i made so...

I still wonder, is this the best way?

2.- Now i want to go a step further... i wanna share the whole computer since files, to periferics (all kind of hardware working on the other PC) ex. webcam, microphone, scanner, speakers and others...
Also i was thinking about controling one Pc from my other pc (laptop over desktop) so i can even run my AV (laptop) and scan my DESKTOP. Also run programs... like games, messengers and stuff.

I have already shared: FILES(C:,D:,A:,CD,DVD) & PRINTERS (all both ways)

What do i need to do so i can share the rest of the computer ???

3.- I also saw the possibilty of making a LAN between Laptop and Desktop... but i have no idea about how to do IT =S

Do i need any extra Hardware/Software for making a LAN?
Can i make a LAN using Ethernet? if so, HOW ?

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Yes, you have aldready made a LAN a Lan is just another name for a small network.

you can control each computer from the otherone however you'll need a remote admin prog installed as you have an win ME machine.

if you look through your AV program settings see if there is an option for networked hard drives too. i know that sophos offers it, however this is kinda uneficcient as you're limited to network speed. as for sharing the entire computer windows XP doesbn't allow you to hare certain folders such as My Documents, or C:windows but you can still access these with remote admin.

you don't want to play games remotely as it will be slugish, but it is possible with remote admin.

hope this is some help.

ic... but i can't play games using this network =S...
besides there is still a problem with the DESKTOP ... everytime it starts i have to re-make the conection cuz it doesn't start itself (laptop can browse desktop but not vise-versa)...

any one help ???

BUMP!.. oops... i need help anyone ???