I connect to the internet with the follwing settings:

proxy: proxy.sparkbd.net
port: 8080

my direct internet connection is very slow but connecting through the proxy server makes the connection a lot faster.

Now i have installed limewire and i can connect to the network using "no proxy" but the download speed is really really low. I thought setting up the proxy configuration would make it faster but i couldnt connect through the proxy. Do i need to change the listening port no (default 6346) to my proxies port 8080? I have no idea what am i gonna do!! My ISP's proxy server doesnt have any firewall.

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LimeWire's HTTP proxy support only uses HTTP tunneling, proxies don't cache anything transferred over that kind of connections. A cache only caches popular internet files that MOST people go to. Your ISP would most likely NOT cache Limewire stuffs because it would take up waaaay to much space.

so what do i do? does that mean that i cant use Limewire cos thats the way i connect to the internet(using the proxy server)!

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