Ill try to explain this as best I can. I am connecting directly to another computer through ethernet which shares its dialup connection with me. Problem is, I cannot connect to certain websites such as microsoft and ebay, and I cant run certain programs such as steam or guildwars. I also installed SP2 on both computers via cd since I cant connect to microsoft in the first place, and I think maybe SP2's increased security is causing me problems? Anyone know how to fix this so I can use the internet connection normally? I had it earlier but I recently had to reformt the computer.

The reason I am sharing a dialup connection is I cant get bb in my area, and the first computer wont allow dialup modems to work but thats another story...

When I try to ping a site, such as it says request timed out four times and 4 packets sent, 0 recieved and 4 lost for 100% loss

Ive had a similar problem. I have a wireless modem/hub/router and everything works well apart from if i use internet explorer for some websites such as ebay / microsoft etc, they wont display. If I use AOL, they do display perfectly well. The problem comes when me and my girlfriend both want to use the net on seperate systems. If she logs into AOL on the laptop and then I log into AOL on my desktop, it will cut her connection to AOL and forces her to use IE and so she is unable to view those certain pages? Ive messed around with some of the settings but unable to remedy the problem ?

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