we have some IP restricted services at our office. Usually I connect though VPN client and then login to my machine thought remote desktop and use/access those services.

Is there anyway that I can access those services just connecting to the VPN. I mean is it possible that when I am connected to VPN, my web access routes through the company network.

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This depends on the networking rules applied. If VPN server( or router) only admits forwarding the RDP protocol to your machine, then you only can connect to your machine.

You must ask to your network admin. (Obviously you can try the restricted services once the VPN is active. ;) but this can be registered in the log of the server or router)

Hope this helps

You may be able to configure a browser proxy on your VPN connection, which should redirect browser activity via the vpn - but as Lola said, it will depend on the specific configuration of your company network.

You should also check the usage policy (if the company has one) as you may be required to use specific methods for accessing services.

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