I have a local network well configured. Suddenly clients on some machine can't browse the web but on one machine in same network, all websites can be browsed. I can ping my internal and external addresses well on all machines but no website can be browsed. I cannot also ping any web address from these machine that only ping my internal and external IP address but cann't open any webpage. Please, can some one help me resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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At first make sure that ur network is not infected by virus coz most of time dis problem is occured due to virus issue..

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good point

-whats the error you see in the browser when you try to browse with no success?
-Try with different browsers. Try to check if user has a proxy configured in browser. -If you are able to ping external ip addresses that means you are online you have issues only browsing through http, try to browse using ip address of google or yahoo, if you are able to then check your DNS server addresses...


this is an ordinary prob. make sure that u got a good antivirus installed on u r PC and try any other browser to surf over the internet, and if also u r unable to surf then replace the 5 files from any another machine i.e. C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc from any other machine .

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