Hey guys,

What a great forum you ppl have.....I am new to this forum and I need help from you... :)

My problem is I could not remapped my network drives when it was suddenly disconneted. The error message is "The Mapped drives could not be created due to this error: element not found"

I have done several step including releasing and renewing IP address, plug into the LAN cable (cos initially this was done using wireless), recreate the user account but to no avail...

I am using Win XP Pro and it's not connected to the domain..but previously, I could still access my network drives until it became disconnected suddenly.

Do you have the answers to this problem? I appreciate it if you could help me. Thank you..

You really need to offer up a little more information.

What kind of network are you on?

Is it a small home network?

Is it an actual domain?

Are you trying to access a share on a server or on another desktop?

Can you ping the other machine that you're trying to connect to?

Have there been any changes to the network that might have caused you to lose access to the share?

Questions, questions, questions.....