Before I tell you about this I should let you know that I know nothing what so ever about networking and this is my first time on the network forum.

awhile back I setup a wireless network for my mothers laptop. It would run just fine until one day I could no longer connect to the interenet, and my mothers laptop could. The... thing.. where all the wires go into says everything fine and that my computer is responding. I dont know what information you might need but my ISP is AOL. I use DSL, and the thing I network all the wires into.. is from microsoft or somthing.. If you need any more information just ask me.

P.S. A bit off the subject but does anyone know where I could learn about networking?

A few more networking/TCP/IP links: (<-- some links on this site are broken)

1. You mention wireless and wires; is your computer connecting wirelessly, or is it wired?

2. The "thing that all the wires go into" is either going to be the DSL modem, or a router connected to the modem- since you said that it's a Microsoft product, it's most likely the router. (The router is what allows you to have multiple computers sharing the same DSL or Cable Internet connection; the router can be wired, wireless, or a combination of both.)

3. A few tests to try:

- Open up a DOS box (MS-DOS Prompt) and type the following command to view your IP configuration statistics:

ipconfig /all

Note your machine's IP address and subnet mask, the Default Gateway IP, and the IPs of the DNS servers. Post that information here.

- At the DOS prompt, type:

ping (substitute the IP address of your default gateway if it isn't

Do you get replies? Let us know.

- Now type:


Let us know what you get for a response.

- Finally, type:


Again, tell us what you get.