New problem I'm experiencing on a Win 2k box that I have not seen before.

PC has fully funtional internet, file sharing capabilities in Safe Mode, but has suddenly stopped working in regular windows mode.

System contains no viruses, has been swept for spyware and I cleaned out any remaining stuff using HiJackThis. Even tried running WinsockXPfix to see if that helped, nothing.

Any ideas off the top of anyone's head?


What OS is the other system(s) you are trying to share with. XP's solution might be different depending on if the following helps.

I would first reinstall your NIC drivers, Client for Microsoft Networks, File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks, and your Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). The fact that it works in Safemode, and not otherwise, could send you off on a wild goose chase, so just to be sure I would do this to check the most obvious issue. Next I would start disabling startup programs. You can use XP's System Configuration Utility.

Windows[/url] 2000 does not have the MSCONFIG program that was provided with Windows 98.

You can use the Windows XP version of MSCONFIG.

Copy the file msconfig.exe from the c:\windows\system folder to the Windows 2000 c:\winnt\system32 folder.
Download the msconfig.exe Windows XP version file from our site if you do not have it easily accessible, this version will work with windows 2000.

if you download this file, save it to the c:\winnt\system32 folder so you can use the Start/Run method to access it, or save it to the desktop, that way you can access it by clicking on the icon it will create on your desktop.

Click | Start | Run | and type msconfig on the text box and click the OK button to start MSCONFIG
ignore the error messages you get about not finding the following files
Click the startup tab
Check or Uncheck the check boxes of the programs you want to run or not run

It is best to write down which programs were checked so you can have a copy of them for later reference. Some of the startup entries are from anti-virus programs and must be re-checked after finishing any troubleshooting

Spybot Search & Destroy also has a startup utility where you can disable startup programs.

If you find that even with all startup programs disabled the problem persists (which I doubt) I would recommend trying the sfc /scannow command in the command prompt. It will replace any corrupt or missing Windows system files.


Thanks for the response J

The computer is on a network of about 15 other PC's, all XP and 2000. This computer received no internet or network connection unless in safe mode.

Sounds like this isnt going to be an easy one. Any other possible solutions are greatly appreciated.