I am testing an open source application.

When at the setup stage after installing mysql, php all the good stuffs, I have to specify where the mysql server is. Here is the problem, if I put in "localhost" as the mysql is installed on the same box, it would work perfectly fine. If I put the actual hostname then it would fail.

pinging the hostname actually has no problem. The box is using a working dns server.

Did anyone experience any similar name resolving issue while ping, nslookup everything is workig but an application isn't able to see its hostname?

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When you input the host name, did you include the domain part, or did you just put in the server name. Example: myserver1 vs. myserver1.mydomainname.com

Yes, I tried fully qualified. This is really puzzling me. This vm is in the lab, environment is generally not as stable as our production network.

It doesn't look like we have the same problem for production servers. I just don't like mystery. Weird = /

firewall are both off
dns server looks fine
both server can ping each other by hostname
both server use the same dns server
i ensured that they both use dns rather than win
what else to troubleshoot???

Are you using IP V4, or V6?

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