I consider myself pretty computer savvy in some areas, EXCEPT this...
I just obtained a Gateway Solo 9300 series laptop with a Linksys Wireless -G 2.4 GHz card. I have NO idea how to configure this to my verizon wireless router! I paid 80.00 for this used laptop, only wanting it to run PC Anywhere for work... I felt that my home desktop had too much crap on it for the PC Anywhere to run faster... It has only Windows ME on it. I have no idea how to find the IP address, etc, SORRY! I am laptop technology stupid.
If someone can help me I would be immensly appreciated! I work a half an hour away from home so this laptop will be a lifesaver! That way I can take it with me to other's homes and do my work (brother in law's is usually boring! LOL) from there!


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Ok, was able to get connected to internet here at work, but still no internet???

I'm sorry I don't understand... You were able to connect, but don't have the internet? What OS are you running on the laptop?


It seems that there is a problem with Gateway computers doing this, as someone else on here has posted a similar issue. Do you know how to get the command line up?(I think it is start > run > cmd but I cannot be sure, it's been a while). If you can see it, at the cursor type in ipconfig /all and see if it gives you all the information you should have. If you're unsure, copy and paste the information on here and we'll see what we can make of it.

Might also be worth contacting Gateway's customer service/tech support team if they have something like that.


in windows me the commannd is winipcfg it should alos be on the start menu> accessories. Now here is the problem with windows me it give a lot of problem connecting to wireless. you would have to configure the wireless with the wireless card utility.


I am a wireless internet technician, so first off, does the lights on the router indicate that it is connected to the internet. usually by a "internet" light or a "wan" light, they are both used interchangably.

If the router does have a active internet connection, find out what the ssid off the router is, usaually the brand name of the router itself.

Once you find that use the wireless configuration utility of the card and scan for ssid's, If it finds the corresponding ssid of your laptop, choose to connect to it.

I have seen issue with winME and wireless before. not uncommon, in my opinion, get rid of me

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