I'm currently on AOL DSL Broadband, but my phone line can only receive up to 3mbp/s (if I'm lucky!).

Because of this, I'm planning to pay more and move to Virgin Media's Fibre Optic (30mbp/s one), but I'm just wondering, what do I do?

I need minimal downtime.

Do I order the fibre optic first, or do I need to cancel the AOL DSL connection first?

Also, do I need to ask AOL for anything, or is a MAC code just for moving from DSL to DSL?


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First thing I can think of to check would be do you have a fixed IP from AOL in other words do people access your computers from the web. If so you need to be prepared to change your IP address when you get a new one from your new provider.

If you want minimum down time then order the new service first and switch over one system for testing then move the rest after you are sure the service is working properly and shut down AOL. Your MAC address is from your equipment and nothing to do with AOL.

I was in a similar situation some years ago when Verizon in Boston offered me their FIOS (Fiber to the Home) service. Fortunately, they offered a 3 month trial, so I kept my cable service until I was sure that the FIOS service was solid. It was - more so than the DSL service, so after a month I cancelled the cable service. For the 2 years I had it, until I moved from Boston to Chicago, I had zero downtime on the service - though that isn't to say you will have the same experience... :-)

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