hi!i'm trying to build a wireless sensor network which could detect bluetooth devices in a room and track the device(on an overhead map layout of the room).i have been thinking of using waspmote extension board(http://www.libelium.com/expansion_radio_board) inwhich uses two radios at the same time(bluetooth and zigbee radio).

my problem is,using waspmote boards would require to do the programming using "waspmote IDE" inwhich is similar to c++,i'm wondering how would i construct a map layout.

anyone having suggestings??

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Well, in order to map a bt device in two dimensions, you do need two sensors (radios) in order to triangulate their position. So, perhaps it is time to learn how to do some programming? :-)


but,i should find another type of nodes to use apart from waspmote boards inorder to create an interface(overhead map layout showing the tracking),should i?coz its not just about tracking,i need to have a map layout(interface),as it looks,waspmote IDE hasnt got any interface.

any other suggestion you having,plz??


Class/lab problem? How do you see yourself solving this problem? 1) how to create a map of the environment. 2) how to project position information (xy coordinates) on the map. 3) transforming raw data from sensors (waspmote input) to xy coordinates.

This is a great engineering exercise. Assuming it is an engineer school classroom lab problem, then you really need to think this through. You have all the bits you really need to solve the problem (assuming you didn't flunk basic algebra, geometry, and trig - no calculus should be required here).

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