My Front Panel USB Port is not working but the rear panel is in good condition.
Could any one aid me to determine the solution for this.


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On a network device? sounds like a desktop problem to me. please provide more information on what you're using. Im thinking desktop so check the connection from the case to the USB header on the mobo.

Yes i am using desktop & i have checked my mobo USB1 & USB2 but i am not able to prove whether its in a good /working condition or not....
so is there any other way to check what s gone wrong in it
Also i need to know are they both different connection (Rear & front pannel)??
if so then i can conclude that my front pannel wont work any more because mobo is not passing the power to the front pannel..

Front panel USBs are connected via wire from the case to the mobo. The rear ones are built into the motherboard. You should ensure the wire is connected properly

yes done m sure the wires are connected properly then also it wont work..
is there any other way out??

EH not really. Can check to see if they have an ! in device manager, can try and install driver for them if they do, or see what else it says. otherwise got nothing.

Drivers are perfectly installed hence Rear panel is working
I think so you are right!!
No other Chance.... That means i have to replace MoBo for just front Panel...
Any Ways I think its good to let it be like that.... & buying new extension for front panel from connecting it in rear panel will do...

Thanks Ryan for your help...

I wouldnt replace the motherboard for it. You cant possibly need more than 4 USB devices connected at one time: mouse, kb, printer, misc. Unless your mobo just has two spots. There are USB ports that you can install into the back of the case, below the video card and they connect to the same headers as the front of your case would. Could try that, it might just be the case.

There are Connection Behind That port Just Check out the Connection of that Wired.May be there is a Problem of No Connection or Loss Connection.Front Panel or Rare panel both have a Different Different Connection so it's Not necessary to if rare one is Work then Front one is must Work.

i know that friend....
i just wanna to know is there any way to make my front panel do work...
hope some will have good suggestion for me to make my front panel work...

My Front Panel USB Port is not working but the rear panel is in good condition.
Could any one aid me to determine the solution for this.


make sure that your front panel USB port cable is connected to the motherboard

Front panel can be changed if you can find the proper replacement. Or you can work around the other way buy a USB extension cable attach it to your Mother Board USB and the other end on your desk.

ya i think no one in the room to call as expert! Any ways
Ryan suggestion I appreciate
I have to purchase the new front panel USB Card...

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