I have a hotel that has to buildings each building has its own wireless network. I would like to change a few things to the network.

  • Upgrade Equipment
  • Create a Simpllar setup
  • Make each network secure
  • Make it all one network

I don't know if it is possible to make it one big network but do let me know the pros and cons if I decide to go this route.

The current network was not setup by me. There is a 10 port switch that goes to a Netgear Fast Ethernet switch then to the wireless router. I think i actually need only one switch per network if i am wrong let me know.

This is what I was thinking for parts if i should get something else let me know.

Because this is a wireless network for a hotel. How do I set it up so that computers cannot see what who is connected to the network and cannot share files.


  1. I suggest a controller based solution like the Cisco 2500 series Wireless Controller. A controller will give you a single device to manage. You configure the controller, the controller then tells the access points what to do. There is an option in the Cisco controller to NOT allow the clients to talk to each other. The controller would also take care of you channel and power levels for the access points.

  2. To prevent guests from talking (Hacking) to each other, you need a switch that will do private VLAN's. Private VLAN's will prevent a client from talking to anther client once it's on the LAN, including hardwired clients.

  3. Meraki.com has a solution that does not use a controller. You buy their access points, connect them to the internet and they register back home. You then configure them through a website. This may cost more, but you don't have to worry about softare upgrades and controller failures.

I hope this helps


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