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I am going to get a TV that will go into our entrance area at our school. On the TV we will play some video, pictures (virtually a slideshow) to play continuously throughout the day to show the different activities that are going on around the school. I am trying to figure out what would be the best scenario to try to do this. I am looking for the easiest way but still a way that would be something that would give us some future options. Does anyone have any suggestions or where I could go to find any info on such a thing. Thanks.

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most tv's today have usb connection and will play slide show from a usb thumbdrive device

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Which the usb will be the easiest and I am well aware of it but I am just curious if there is anything that will be just as easy of a fix but with more options I guess.


Your best bet is to run a HDMI or VGA Video cable (TV's usually have one or the other now a days) to a PC somewhere nearby (there are extender cable of up to 50ft) and run files from the computer. There is a free flash player from Adobe that will let you list flash videos in the order you want them played and the loop them over and over. You could play AVI files using VLC media player which also has a play list that will loop or you could run PowerPoint presentations.

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