i have an internet connection.
i am connecting to web pages when i am using Mozilla, but i am unable to open when i am using explorer. My os is windows xp. Is there any settings i need to change?

hi there!..there is nothing wrong in your internet explorer..when you open IE, it takes long time to detect your default home page address..it is because your automatic detect settings has been enable in your IE browser..TRY THIS STEPS!..first, open your IE browser, wait it until it load to its default home address (it takes a long time T_T)..second, try to change your default home address..(ex. http://www.google.com.ph), go to TOOLS then click INTERNET OPTION..you will see now the HOME PAGE...finally, in INTERNET OPTION..click CONNECTIONS TAB (right CONTENT TAB!)..then click LAN SETTINGS..unchecked automatic detect settings..click OK..click APPLY and OK..
i hope it works!..^_^..

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