Hello. I just had my computer fixed by a friend, and the wireless adapter was working fine at his house and everything, but when I took it home.. it will not connect to the home wireless network for some reason. I thought I tried everything.
only two networks show up on the "wireless network" list, one called "house" which I assume is ours, and another called "mommies"(neighbors).. I printed off the network key from the host computer, though the ssid is called "Rokonnell".. I assumed that since it didn't show up in the network list, it must've just been renamed 'House' by my stepdad..
anyways, so I entered the network key and all that.. it 'connected'.. but said that it had limited or no connectivity.. "Network did not assign a network address to the computer"
I'm a little retarded so any help in layman's would be muchly appreciated :P

Hello Jalcine,

The company I work for has a lot of Remote users and we get lots of calls for router/set up issues.

I can offer you a few tips but I am no Network guru.

Have you tried releasing and renewing the IP address yet?
Click on start then run.
Type ipconfig and hit enter.
make a note of your IP to comapre later.

At the prompt type Ipconfig /release
[make sure to include the space before the forward slash (/)]
Then at the next ptomp type Ipconfig /renew.
[make sure to include the space before the forward slash (/)]

you can now do an ipconfig again tomake sure your IP is different.

If so, go ahead and try to setup your router again.

If this doesn't work let me know what the IP was each time, if it's all 0's or ends in 169...the solution gets involved.

By the looks of it, the Key you entered is wrong.

Its possible that 'House' is a different network somewhere else, or that your stepdad changed the key.

Another possibility is that your router has been set not to broadcast the SSID, try setting up a wireless network manually, with the SSID as Rokonnell, the channel as 6 (this is usually the default, although if your stepdad has changed the SSID, he may also have changed the channel) and the key as you had before.

Failing that, you could always ask your stepdad what he has changed!